Broken and non-working tail lights on tractors, combines, harvesters, plows or any piece of farm or ranch equipment is a perennial headache for rural operators. While it used to be commonplace to see drivers simply go down the road without safety lights, as rural areas have become more populated and safety enforcement is more prevalent, the need for a portable and easy-to-use emergency tail light and towing safety light solution has increased. EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights ensure you are always safely and legally ready for the next task.



When you are managing a construction site, time is money. If your crew is waiting on wiring or light repairs before they can tow equipment, or need to use trailers with non-working tail lights, it can cost lost time and missed deadlines — both of which hit directly to your bottom line profits. With EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights that doesn’t happen, because your crew can be safely on the road in seconds. And you won’t have to worry about a law enforcement officer stopping them for lack of compliance.



Because utility trailers are used for a variety of jobs and with many different towing vehicles and tractors, wires and lights are often damaged and non-functioning when you need them. Now you can quickly replace lights that have stopped working, and have your trailers ready-to-go at all times. Whether you need to tow your snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs or small loads, EasyOn Tail Lights allow you to tow your loads safely and legally. Our portable wireless tail light system provides the full functionality of brake, running, hazard and turn signal lights required by law to safely transport equipment and tow trailers over public roads.



Our lights are wireless and magnetically attach to your boat trailer so they can be easily removed before it goes into the water — and then quickly attached again afterward. The full functionality includes running, brake, hazard and turn signal lights to help ensure that you can safety and legally tow your watercraft to the lake and back home again.  Submerging a boat trailer into water or snagging a hanging wire in rough terrain during or after launch are the most common reasons boat trailer tail lights fail. Not having access to a tow vehicle equipped with a proper wiring harness is also a common problem for the occasional recreational boater. Easy On Wireless Tail Lights were designed with these problems in mind.



Many RV and camper tail lights are notoriously undependable, with hard-to-find replacement parts and bulbs a common headache when you are on the road or deep in the back country. The highly visible, super bright LED lights of EasyOn Wireless Tow Lights are an essential addition to your motor home or camper gear.  The lights ensure that other drivers can see your vehicle through the most inclement weather conditions.  With their full functionality including brake, hazard, turn signal and running light features, you’ll be better assured of getting to your destination and back safely.



Transporting a wide load is already cumbersome enough without having to worry about tail lights. With EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights you can safely and legally transport your wide loads without wreaking havoc on the highway or side streets. Oncoming traffic behind your vehicle or trailer will be able to clearly see your awkward load and you can be at peace knowing you have done all you can to assure your safety and that of others.



Attending to a stalled vehicle at the side of the road can be hazardous day or night if road conditions don’t permit other cars to clearly see you.  EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights help solve this problem by easily attaching to the rear of your vehicle, trailer or metallic road safety pylons. The hazard light setting on the lights allows other motorists to clearly see your stalled vehicle from a safe distance giving them time to take precautions. EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights give you peace-of-mind when you need it most and allow you to get back on the road safely.